My approach

My explorations into hypnotherapy began in 2003, when I attended workshops in self-hypnosis and creative visualisation. I completed my Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma at Central England College (CECCH) in Birmingham, and since then have continued to train with practitioners from various disciplines, including counselling, clinical psychology and art therapies. This year, I completed a MSc in Psychology at Coventry University, and am a member of the British Psychological Society.  I am also a practicing artist, and my love of creativity influences me as a therapist.

Above all else, I prioritise a gentle, meditative style of hypnosis over the more classically authoritarian approach. My practice is based on the philosophy that everyone is naturally inventive and capable of positive change. Rather than trying to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ clients, I focus on helping each unique person to arrive at the solutions that work for them.  Past clients have said that my calm, friendly approach helps them to feel more confident about what is possible.  I will give you non-judgemental support and encouragement to make your changes.

Feel free to contact me and begin our journey together.